Top 5 premium Whiskey brands in Oregon

If you have been living in Oregon for a very long time and looking for the best premium Whiskey brands in the place, then, fortunately, you have landed at the right place. Oregon is most popularly known as the city of celebrations, and we all know that the celebrations are incomplete until or unless whiskey is involved. But there are several whiskey brands present that you can get and use for your celebration and parties. This makes it confusing for people to decide which one would be the most suitable whiskey brand for them.

All of these confusions will be cleared over here as we have brought you a list of the top 5 premium Whiskey brands in Oregon. After looking at this list, you won’t be confused about which brand would be better than the other or any other questions regarding premium Whiskey brands. We have been doing research and surveys on the same for a long time which has helped us to figure out the best brands that you could get in Oregon. So, the top five premium Whiskey brands in Oregon are as follows-

McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt

This is probably the best Whiskey brand you should try in Oregon if you have newly started drinking whiskey. It has a sweet and rich taste, making it among the most popular premium Whiskey brands in Oregon. The brand was first established in Portugal, and it still holds a huge market base over there. Stephen McCarthy developed this brand a long time ago and gave it a perfect blended taste, which has helped the brand increase its customer base. The malted barley he used in the brand was first exported from Scotland, and then the whiskey was made in Oregon.

Ottis Webber Oregon Wheat Whiskey

This takes the next place on the list. This brand also comes under as a premium Whiskey brand as it has been using spirits from white oak barrels. And if you have a great knowledge of the whiskey brands, then you would know that the spirits from white oak barrels are rare as they provide us with an authentic taste of whiskey. The wheat used in the same was the Winter wheat of Oregon, and its taste is still the same as when the Whiskey was first made. So, this brand takes fourth place in the list of top premium Whiskey brands in Oregon.

Vinn Whiskey

This whiskey brand is popular in the Oregon region for many reasons. The main reason behind the popularity of the same is that it has been developed using the Japanese recipe for whiskey. When this Whiskey was made for the first time, fermented rice was used for the same. This method was named Jiuqu, the same method used earlier in Japan to develop sake. Additionally, the distilled spirit present in Vinn Whiskey is also old-aged, due to which people prefer purchasing Vinn Whiskey much more than the previous two brands.

Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon

This brand was first established in the distillery row in the downtown side of Portland. So, it is known to be the origin region of this most popular premium Whiskey brand in Oregon. It has even been said that Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon whiskey uses the traditional agricultural taste of Oregon in its whiskeys. This brand uses the spirits kept in the Oregon Oaked barrels for 60 days. Using this many old spirits gives the whiskey an authentic taste which has been loved by the customers for a very long time.

Westward American Single Malt

The Whiskey brand, which leads the list of top premium Whiskey brands in Oregon, is Westward American Single Malt. This is the most-sold Whiskey brand in the entire region of Oregon, and it has a bit of a sweet taste, due to which people of a good age range can consume the same. It has also been distilled in the Portugal region, which ensures that it would provide a great taste to the customers. Along with that, this brand provides a different taste to the customers because of the American methods combined with the distillation process they had carried out in the Portugal region.

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