Top 3 Whiskey bars in Portland

Having a party or celebration in bars has probably been the best part plan that one could ever have for the same. If you are living in Portland, you would know how difficult it is to choose a Whiskey bar for your next visit. There are various whisky bars present in the region, which makes it difficult for people to choose which one they should visit. Also, celebrating or visiting bars costs a lot, and if you do not visit the right one, it would probably feel like a waste of money for the individuals.

But if you have landed here, this is the right place for all your questions regarding the Whisky bars in Portland. Here we will tell you about the best Whiskey bars in the Portland region. People have been asking us for advice on where to go for a long time, so now here finally we bring you all our info!

We would be covering the best bars in the region depending upon the overall services they provide, along with the main element, Whiskey. Therefore, the best Whiskey bars you should try in the Portland region are as follows:

Swine Restaurant, Moonshine and Whiskey Bar

The first bar we would discuss over here is the Sunshine Bar. It has the highest ratings compared to all the other bars in the region, due to which it remains mostly visited by the people in the region. There are a lot of services which you can avail of over here. According to Google, this bar has more than 4.5 stars as an average rating, which makes it one of the top-rated bars present in the region. Many people love the whiskeys they provide here, and some are even fond of the customer service they receive in this bar.

Also, you are looking forward to a family outing. In that case, you can also visit this place as the food provided here has an authentic taste, which is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. If you are confused about the drinks, the bartender will guide you about the best whiskeys you can with net within your estimated budget. The bartenders over here are experienced, so they know well which taste would suit the customers.

Multnomah Whiskey Library

This bar takes the 2nd position in the list, but it has an average rating higher than the previous one. According to Google, this whiskey bar has an average rating of more than 4.7 stars, but there are many reasons it is at the 2nd spot. If you want to experience a vintage feel in the Portland region, visiting the Multnomah Whiskey Library is strongly recommended. Here the walls are made of bricks, and they have more than 1500 types of spirits which are enough for an individual to choose from. They also provide good cuisine services, which you can enjoy with your friends.

For those who do not know where this bar is located, you can spot it on SW Alder Street, as it is among the few bars on that road. The only reason this bar takes up the 2nd place on the list is that the food services it provides are not as good as that of Sunshine Bar. There are some food items which people have said that Sunshine Bar provides better than them. The staff here is very knowledgeable and would guide you for the best drinks in your budget.

Scotch Lodge

The Scotch Lodge takes third place in the list despite having the highest average ratings. According to Google, this bar has an average rating of 4.8 stars, and the best part is that you can reserve a table for yourself beforehand. It would not cost much as you think, but it is a time-saving process. The staff here is very friendly, and their services are way too quick compared to the other bars in the region.

However, the bar needs to make some improvements in its food and other aspects, which would be helpful to them in taking the lead on the list. If they can make a few improvements, then there won’t be any obstacles to stop them from being the number one whiskey bar in the region. People mostly prefer visiting here because of their friendly staff and the staff always guides them for the best things they could order.

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